Rob, 17

When 17 year old Rob came to YES he was very concerned that he could have Chlamydia. For three months he had fretted and worried, but hadn’t wanted to visit his GP or a participating chemist.

He rather searched the Internet extensively for information on the disease which only made him worry more. One of our volunteers spent 40mins with him – a length of time a GP or Chemist could not have given him.

We provided him with the correct information, signed him up for a C-Card for free condoms and did the test. The test results were sent to him directly by the laboratory in a confidential way.

He came back two weeks later to say the results had been positive and that he, his current and his ex-girlfriend had also received treatment. He made a point of thanking the volunteer who had worked with him as he wasn’t made to feel stupid or irresponsible and appreciated the care he received.

Boy, 16

A 16 year old came to Counselling with anger issues and cannabis use. His behaviour was disrupting his family and things were coming to a head at home.

By working through his problems with a counsellor, he managed to improve his relationships within his family and thereby also avoid being evicted from home.

Steve, 16

Steve was a victim of a turbulent and volatile home life, he ran away from the family home aged 16. His father was an alcoholic and his mother’s mental health was deteriorating. A drug user, he regularly got into trouble with the Police. After sofa surfing for several months, Steve found himself homeless.

He was housed temporarily in an unsuitable B & B, where he became vulnerable to drug dealers. At his lowest ebb, Steve called into YES and spoke to one of our volunteers. She was able to put a package of care around Steve, involving other professionals and agencies.

Over the next few weeks, Steve was placed in high support accommodation, was able to claim the benefits he was entitled to and reduce his debts, accessed sexual health advice and treatment, began counselling sessions, accessed support from a local drug agency, was allocated an advocate who worked with him on the issue of exploitation and healthy relationships. Finally, he signed up to a range of free, educational and vocational courses. 

Steve reports significant improvements in his social health and wellbeing. He feels more confident, less stressed and depressed which is leading to improved relationships and generally enjoying life more. 

Through the holistic, multi-pronged approach that YES provides for young people, Steve:

  • is no longer involved in prostitution;
  • is working on his drug use and has stopped offending. 
  • is making a wider circle of non-drug using friends;
  • is in an improved physical, emotional and mental condition
  • feels optimistic about his future and completing his courses. 
  • is managing money more successfully, and avoiding running up rent arrears.