Aviva Community Fund

Update: voting has now closed. Thank you to everyone who voted!

YES is bidding for some funds from Aviva and we have a project on their Community Fund website.  If we get lots of votes, we get through to the next round and might end up with £5000!

Anyone can vote and each person who registers on the site gets 10 votes (and you can click the box for no contact afterwards).  There's only THREE days to get your votes in so, if you have a spare 5 minutes, voting for us could make a real difference in our efforts.  The instructions are below.

How do I enter?

Go to www.community-fund.aviva.co.uk
Once registered, go to 'Vote Now'.
It will ask who you want to vote for; type in the name of our project in the first box.
‘Group Support for Children in Crisis’ 
Click on the Photo.
It will ask how many votes you want to give - you are allowed 10 votes, please give them all to us!
If we get the most votes, we are Finalists and then judged on our bid.

Thank you!