We have just opened our sexual health clinic which is operated by local nurses.

**This service is only available currently on Mondays 3:00-6:00**

Or sexual health clinic offers a wider range of services than our usual drop-in service.

While we can talk to you about sexual health and give you advice this clinic gives you the opportunity to discuss all methods of contraception, HIV tests and other tests for sexually transmitted diseases. This service is an bSHAW outreach sexual health clinic.

As with all of our other services everything is completely free.


HIV Testing

We can offer POCT to test for HIV. Point of Care Testing, also known as rapid HIV testing, is a relatively new way of testing for HIV which enables you to get your results in less than 30 minutes.

The main ways that HIV can be transmitted are:

  • through sexual intercourse and other sexual activities

  • from mother to baby

  • from blood to blood

  • sharing injecting equipment

Find out more information about HIV, how it is transmitted, when testing is most effective and how it works, by visiting the National AIDS Trust website.

Emergency Contraception

If you have had sex without a condom or if your usual contraception has let you down, there are different types of emergency contraception that you can use.

We can offer a range of different options and your nurse will discuss them with you.


Everything else from our drop-in service

Whilst HIV testing and emergency contraception are available at our clinic our full range of services are still available. These include:

  • Free condoms (C-Card Scheme)

  • Free Chlamydia testing

  • Free Pregnancy testing

  • Free advice and support

Find Out More

For more information on STIs and local services, including where you can go for a full screening, take a look at Buckinghamshire's Sexual Health website.