We provide a range of core services which we have more details about below. We are staffed completely by volunteers and open 4 days a week.

If we can't help someone directly we will make sure that we give them the information they need to get further help.


If you have any concerns or difficulties in your life, feel confused or that you have no one you can to talk to, counselling could help. You will be listened to and taken seriously; you will not be judged but respected and encouraged.

Sexual Health

We offer young people the chance to talk over sexual health matters, relationships, peer pressure, pregnancy, safe sex, etc. If appropriate we can offer free condoms, pregnancy and Chlamydia tests.


If you need help with anything else in your life e.g. housing, jobs, benefits or anthing you feel you can’t talk to other people about, support can be given on a wide range of topics. If we can’t help, we’ll let you know where you can find it.