Since 1982, we have provided free help and advice to the young people of High Wycombe.


About us

Youth Enquiry Service (YES) is a charity based in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, that offers free and confidential support and counselling to 13-25 year olds. YES is staffed four days a week and four evenings a week. We support thousands of young people every year.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide support which is consistently delivered as non-judgemental, supportive, inclusive and empowering.

Our Work

We work with young people experiencing a wide variety of social welfare issues; these include housing, debt, sexual health, education and employment. These can lead to a range of adverse consequences for young people, most commonly, stress; anxiety, depression, ill health, relationship breakdowns, lost income and lost confidence. 

YES also runs a busy sexual health service. We offer a chance to talk about relationships, peer pressure and healthy, positive relationships. We can provide free condoms through the C-card scheme, pregnancy and chlamydia testing.

I was surprised by how relaxed and friendly YES was, I found myself opening up to the volunteer and telling them everything. We made a list and tackled the immediate things first like a safe roof over my head, and getting medical advice and treatment. I wasn’t made to feel stupid and they didn’t judge. That was so important to me.
— Steve, Drop in

Over the last 35 years we have

  • Helped over 85,000 young people with information, emotional and practical support.

  • Supported nearly 45,000 13-25 year olds with our counselling service.

  • Provided support and advice for sexually vulnerable teenagers, reducing the risk of teenage pregnancies.

  • Protected young people from homelessness.

  • Recruited, trained and supported a team of 50 volunteer counsellors at any one time.

  • Provided counselling for free to over 15 schools in the local area.

  • Engaged with the local community and last year raised over £10,000 in donations.